Thom Yorke – Suspiria

Barkod: 191404093610
Izdavač: XL
Format: 2 x LP, Pink
Godina: 2018
Electronic, Experimental, Soundtrack

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A1 _____ A Storm That Took Everything
A2 _____ The Hooks
A3 _____ Suspirium
A4 _____ Belongings Thrown In A River
A5 _____ Has Ended
A6 _____ Klemperer Walks
A7 _____ Open Again
B1 _____ Sabbath Incantation
B2 _____ The Inevitable Pull
B3 _____ Olga’s Destruction (Volk Tape)
B4 _____ The Conjuring Of Anke
B5 _____ A Light Green
B6 _____ Unmade
B7 _____ The Jumps
C1 _____ Volk
C2 _____ The Universe Is Indifferent
C3 _____ The Balance Of Things
C4 _____ A Soft Hand Across Your Face
C5 _____ Suspirium Finale
D1 _____ A Choir Of One
D2 _____ Synthesizer Speaks
D3 _____ The Room Of Compartments
D4 _____ An Audition
D5 _____ Voiceless Terror
D6 _____ The Epilogue

Availability: In stock

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