Pixies – Come On Pilgrim... It's Surfer Rosa (30th Anniversary)

Barkod: 191400008410
Izdavač: 4AD
Format: 3 x LP, Gold
Godina: 2018
Alternative Rock, Indie Rock

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Come On Pilgrim
A1 ____ Caribou
A2 ____ Vamos
A3 ____ Isla De Encanta
A4 ____ Ed Is Dead
B5 ____ The Holiday Song
B6 ____ Nimrod’s Son
B7 ____ I’ve Been Tired
B8 ____ Levitate Me

Surfer Rosa
C1 ____ Bone Machine
C2 ____ Break My Body
C3 ____ Something Against You
C4 ____ Broken Face
C5 ____ Gigantic
C6 ____ River Euphrates
D7 ____ Where Is My Mind?
D8 ____ Cactus
D9 ____ Tony’s Theme
D10 ____ Oh My Golly!
D11 ____ Vamos
D12 ____ I’m Amazed
D13 ____ Brick Is Red

Live From The Fallout Shelter
E1 ____ The Holiday Song
E2 ____ I’m Amazed
E3 ____ Rock A My Soul
E4 ____ Isla De Encanta
E5 ____ Caribou
E6 ____ Broken Face
E7 ____ Subbacultcha
E8 ____ Build High
F9 ____ Ed Is Dead
F10 ____ Nimrod’s Son
F11 ____ Down To The Well
F12 ____ I’ve Been Tired
F13 ____ Boom Chicka Boom
F14 ____ Vamos
F15 ____ In Heaven

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