Jack White – Boarding House Reach

Barkod: 190758189413
Izdavač: Third Man Records
Format: LP
Godina: 2018
Alternative Rock, Experimental, Spoken Word

4,999.00 din


A1 _____ Connected By Love
A2 _____ Why Walk A Dog?
A3 _____ Corporation
A4 _____ Abulia And Akrasia
A5 _____ Hypermisophoniac
A6 _____ Ice Station Zebra
B7 _____ Over And Over And Over
B8 _____ Everything You’ve Ever Learned
B9 _____ Respect Commander
B10 _____ Ezmerelda Steals The Show
B11 _____ Get In The Mind Shaft
B12 _____ What’s Done Is Done
B13 _____ Humoresque

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