Genesis ‎– 1976 - 1982

Izdavač: Virgin
Format: Box Set, 5 x LP, Limited Edition
Godina izdanja: 2012
Barkod: 5099997844518
Rock, Pop Rock

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A Trick Of The Tail
A1 ____ Dance On A Volcano
A2 ____ Entangled
A3 ____ Squonk
A4 ____ Mad Man Moon
B1 ____ Robbery, Assault And Battery
B2 ____ Ripples…
B3 ____ A Trick Of The Tail
B4 ____ Los Endos

Wind & Wuthering
C1 ____ Eleventh Earl Of Mar
C2 ____ One For The Vine
C3 ____ Your Own Special Way
C4 ____ Wot Gorilla?
D1 ____ All In A Mouse’s Night
D2 ____ Blood On The Rooftops
D3 ____ Unquiet Slumbers For The Sleepers…
D4 ____ …In That Quiet Earth
D5 ____ Afterglow

…And Then There Were Three…
E1 ____ Down And Out
E2 ____ Underlow
E3 ____ Ballad Of Big
E4 ____ Snowbound
E5 ____ Burning Rope
F1 ____ Deep In The Motherlode
F2 ____ Many Too Many
F3 ____ Scenes From A Night’s Dream
F4 ____ Say It’s Allright Joe
F5 ____ The Lady Lies
F6 ____ Follow You Follow Me

G1 ____ Behind The Lines
G2 ____ Duchess
G3 ____ Guide Vocal
G4 ____ Man Of Our Times
G5 ____ Misunderstanding
G6 ____ Heathaze
H1 ____ Turn It On Again
H2 ____ Alone Tonight
H3 ____ Cul-De-Sac
H4 ____ Please Don’t Ask
H5 ____ Duke’s Travels
H6 ____ Duke’s End

I1 ____ Abacab
I2 ____ No Reply At All
I3 ____ Me And Sarah Jane
I4 ____ Keep It Dark
J1 ____ Dodo/Lurker
J2 ____ Who Dunnit?
J3 ____ Man On The Corner
J4 ____ Like It Or Not
J5 ____ Another Record

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